Saturday, June 28, 2008

2001 Audi TT Roadster - First Drive & Road Test Review - Motor Trend

2001 Audi TT Roadster - First Drive & Road Test Review - Motor Trend: "For the record, both Coupe and convertible can be had with either the 180-horsepower engine (front- or all-wheel drive) or the 225-horsepower engine (all-wheel drive only). The extra 45 horsepower, an increase of 25 percent, is made possible by a larger turbocharger and twin intercoolers (compared to the single intercooler on the 180-horsepower engine), higher-compression pistons, higher-flowing dual exhaust system (compared to single exhaust), performance camshaft, and revised engine computer. The 225-horsepower version also comes standard with beefy 17x7.5-inch wheels and 225/45R17 Bridgestone Potenza tires, larger-diameter ventilated rear disc brakes, and optional Xenon headlights. Our Nimbus Gray Pearl Effect, 225-horsepower roadster had additional options available on all open-air TTs, including the power folding top (manual top is standard), Amber Red leather interior with baseball stitching, and Bose audio system.

If the TT Roadster looks to you like a Coupe with the roof cut off, rest assured Audi engineers took great pains that the Roadster would feel and handle just as well as its fixed-roof brother. They reinforced the lower sill panels, added high-strength steel inserts into the windshield frame and A-pillar for rollover protection, and installed a transverse aluminum bulkhead behind the front seats to hold t"

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'Vorsprung Dirch Technik' [ Advantage Through Technology" - Audi's German Tagline. Audi will import 5000 roadsters into North America for an on-sale date of April 2000. Half of these will be equipped as Quattros, and only 1250 are expected to be the 225-horsepower version. So what the heck does TT stand for anyway? That would be "Tourist Trophy" as in Great Britain's historic racing series of the Isle of Man. TT Now Stands for Terrifically Topless.

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