Saturday, July 5, 2008

Car and Driver Ten Best - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Car and Driver Ten Best - Wikipedia:
"For 2001, Car and Driver created an award with a single winner in each of five categories.

Ten Best Cars

Price cap: $62,000
Model / Times on List
Audi A6/ 2
Audi TT / 2
BMW 3-Series /17
BMW 5-Series/ 6
Chrysler PT Cruiser /1
Ford Focus /5
Honda Accord/ 22
Honda S2000 /4
Mazda Miata /9
Porsche Boxster/ 9"

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'Vorsprung Dirch Technik' [ Advantage Through Technology" - Audi's German Tagline. Audi will import 5000 roadsters into North America for an on-sale date of April 2000. Half of these will be equipped as Quattros, and only 1250 are expected to be the 225-horsepower version. So what the heck does TT stand for anyway? That would be "Tourist Trophy" as in Great Britain's historic racing series of the Isle of Man. TT Now Stands for Terrifically Topless.

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