Saturday, July 5, 2008

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quattro (four wheel drive system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "How does the system perform: In on-road conditions the car will not be able to move if all four wheels lose traction altogether. Torsen effect with one wheel losing traction and spinning freely will not happen on quattro IV because EDL will apply brakes to the spinning wheel, and Torsen differential will transfer torque to another axle. However, in severe road conditions (wheels on ice or raised in the air and an obstacle restricting the vehicle from moving forward, on a slope) the car will not be able to move when one front and one rear wheel lose traction. EDL will brake the single spinning wheel on an axle trying to transfer torque to the opposite wheel, but because Audi's EDL action is too 'soft' it is not able to brake the wheel to the full stop. The car will end up spinning one front and one rear wheels but not moving forward."

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'Vorsprung Dirch Technik' [ Advantage Through Technology" - Audi's German Tagline. Audi will import 5000 roadsters into North America for an on-sale date of April 2000. Half of these will be equipped as Quattros, and only 1250 are expected to be the 225-horsepower version. So what the heck does TT stand for anyway? That would be "Tourist Trophy" as in Great Britain's historic racing series of the Isle of Man. TT Now Stands for Terrifically Topless.

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