Friday, January 2, 2009

Repair day yesterday in Tulsa, OK

I found it hard to believe that a new car key and remote would end up cost me $300 to replace. $120 of that amount just to program the remote to work with the car. Evidently the newest models are even more expensive to replace since the carry the whole diagnostics of the car in them. Not sure I like that design after paying so much for this KEY!

The mechanic however was very nice and informative. He told me something interesting. That the quattro system is basically always FWD unless the system feels a tire slipping. Then it turns on the rear wheels.

He also showed me the dual Turbo system as well as the Turbo coolers.

Evidently ...on the new Audi TT 2009 the manifold only pulls in air vs my car which mixes the fuel and air. The new TT's inject the fuel directly.

The receptionist Melanie made the 5 hour wait tolerable since she was happy to talk to me between her phone calls and other duties. Kudos to her!!!

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'Vorsprung Dirch Technik' [ Advantage Through Technology" - Audi's German Tagline. Audi will import 5000 roadsters into North America for an on-sale date of April 2000. Half of these will be equipped as Quattros, and only 1250 are expected to be the 225-horsepower version. So what the heck does TT stand for anyway? That would be "Tourist Trophy" as in Great Britain's historic racing series of the Isle of Man. TT Now Stands for Terrifically Topless.

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